Shaun Patrick Tubbs
actor, director, teacher, and that's just for starters...
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Shaun Patrick Tubbs   SAG-AFTRA • AEA​

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My Mañana Comes                        Peter                                    Marin Theatre Company (Kirsten Brandt)
The Tempest                        Sebastian                         Eureka Suitcase @ The Tank (Aaron Vega)
​A Man’s World (Stage Reading)                        Wells Trevor                   The New School for Drama (Melissa Crespo)
Chosen                        Will                                 HERE Theatre [DUTF 2013] (Melissa Crespo)
The Book Of Grace                         Buddy                             Zach Scott Theatre (Suzan-Lori Parks)            
The Tempest                                    Ariel                               Austin Shakespeare (Ann Ciccolella)
A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits      Joe                                 Salvage Vanguard Theatre (Jenny Larson)           
An Ideal Husband                                    Lord Goring             Austin Shakespeare (Ann Ciccolella)
Macbeth                                                Malcolm                         Austin Shakespeare (Ann Ciccolella)
Crossing America (Stage Reading)            Dipper             Kirk Douglas Theatre (Brian Freeman)
Lobby Hero                                     William                       Ensemble Theatre -Santa Barbara (Tom Ross)
Boys Next Door                                    Lucien P Smith       Whitmore Lindley Theatre (Frank Metayer)           
Jitney                                                 Youngblood                   Human Race Theatre (Sheila Ramsey)
Dunbar Musical                                     Paul Laurence Dunbar   Time Flies Production (Garry Pritchett)           
Lobby Hero                         William                           Contemporary American Theatre Co. (Jonathan Putnam)
The Red Box (One-person show)                        John                       UT at Austin (Shaun Tubbs)
Pride and Prejudice                                    Mr. Collins            UT at Austin (Gavin Cameron-Webb)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream             Puck                             UT at Austin (Paul Mullins)
The Shadow Box                                    Mark                             UT at Austin (Lucien Douglas)           
Elephants Graveyard                              Tour Manager               UT at Austin (Laura Kepley)           
Don Juan In Hell (Stage Reading)            Hector Malone Jr.         UT at Austin (Andrew Shea)           

The Remnants of Civilization  & The Dawn of Anxiety            Supporting                         UT at Austin - Thesis Film (Dan Stuyck)
In This Place Supporting
Real World Amityville                         Lead                                    Matt n’ReMatt Films (Matt Dunn)
The Television                                       Supporting                         Production Productions (Behn Fannin)
The Apocalypse                                      Supporting                         Production Productions (Behn Fannin)
Losing Faith                                      Lead                                     Wright State Univ. - RTF Film (Matthew King)
Gossip Girl Co Star Warner Bros. (Tate Donovan)
General Hospital                                      Co Star                                ABC (Bill Ludel)
The Parkers                                     Co Star                                UPN/Saradipity Productions (Tony Singletary)
On-camera principals for national, regional, and local network usage. List and Conflicts Available Upon Request           

MFA Acting, The University of Texas at Austin [UT at Austin]: (selected)
        Acting:  Franchelle Dorn, Lee Abraham, Lucien Douglas, Stephen Gerald, Phillip Goodwin, Laura Lane
        Movement:  Kent Despain, Andrea Bekham, Jim Hancock
        Voice/Speech:  Barney Hammond, Pamela Christian
        Singing:  Lyn Koenning

BFA Acting, Wright State University-Dayton, OH

Casting Director Workshop/Intensive: Zora De Horter (Zora De Horter Casting), Elizabeth Barnes (Bronson/Barnes Casting), Jeffrey Gafner (Wendy O’Brien Casting), Rick Pagano (Pagano Manwiller Casting), Scott David (Scott David Casting), Gary Zuckerbrod (Gary Zuckerbrod Casting), Corbin Bronson (Bronson/Barnes Casting)
Improv – The People’s Improv Theatre (The PIT) –Jaime Cummings
Auditioning for Film/TV Workshops: Marcia Ross- CSA, Mark Tillman- CSA, Chase Masterson, Ron Ross
The Business of Acting Sessions: Marcia Gay Harden, Kevin Costner, Elaine Stritch, Steve Ranken
In Studio with Roz – on camera acting with Roz Coleman Williams
Certified Actor Combatant –Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD)

SPECIAL SKILLS                                                                                                                       
Dialects: Standard British, Irish, American Southern. Stage Combat, Single Sword, Rapier & Dagger, Boxing, Improvisation, Juggling, Teleprompter, Voice Characterizations, Basketball, Bicycling, Cross Country